Southgate USA “Ted Knight Drive-Thru” Howard Marks Advertising
Blimpie Americas Sub Shop  - "Best Dressed Sandwich" - Winner Communications
American Museum Of Natural History "Knowledge & Inspiration" - Exploration Telefilm
Guardian Life  "NYC Helicopter shoot" - Saxton Communications
Pfizer Minipress "Charting the Course" - Goodsight / Herrmann
Pfizer Minipress  "The Right Start" - Goodsight / Herrmann
Happy Feet "Dr. Randy Brotman Podiatry" - National Video Industries
American Museum Of Natural History "African Reflections" - Chris Balton Prods.
American Museum Of Natural History "Dark Caves:Bright Visions" - Chris Balton Prods.
Sally Hanson "Hard as Nails" - Flickers Inc.
General Foods Corp   "Bakewitch"- Flickers Inc.
United States Steel "Pittsburgh Pa." - Flickers Inc.
Clairol  "Great Day Mens hair coloring" (Dave De Buscher)  - Flickers Inc.
"Dry Dock Savings Bank “George Plimpton"  - Flickers Inc
Kool Aid  "Little League"- Flickers Inc.
Kool Aid  "Halloween Night" - Flickers Inc.
Kool Aid  "Lemonade Stand"- Flickers Inc.
Fram Filters - Windshield Wiper Blades - Flickers Inc.
National Airlines  "Fly With Us" - Flickers Inc.
United Airlines "Singing Stewardesses"- Flickers Inc.
Dutch Master Cigars  "The Leaf"  - Flickers Inc.
Country Club Malt Liqour  "Rocky Marciano"- Flickers Inc.
Don Imus In The Morning   "Did You Hear What He Said This Morning"  Dubin Productions
Crazy Eddie "Disco Fever"  - Dubin Productions
Crazy Eddie "Superman"  - Dubin Productions
E J Korvettes  "In-Store Sale"  "Close Productions"
Bold 3 Laundry Detergent "Special Effects" - Harrison Productions
Clairol "Lock 'N Roll Flexible Stylers"  - Comart / KLP  Aniforms"
SBCA  "WEB TV Offer"  - Sony Electronics StudiOne
Fashion In A Flash  - Man In The Moon Productions
SONY  5 Disc Changer  "Home Car Wherever You Are"    - Sony Corp.
Pfizer  UNASYN "Once A Day"  - Image Zone NY
Zip 'N Flip  "Empire Toys Kids Love " - Neshobe Films
Crazy Eddie  "Grand Opening Hartsdale" - Dubin Productions
D.A.R.E.  - "Kentucky Fried Chicken" Young & Rubicam
Target  "Snug Sack"  -  Unitel Production Services
Gala Paper Towels  "Whistle While you Work"   Harrison Productions
Northern Tissues "Soft & Strong" - Harrison Productions
Genovese Drug Store  "55th Anniversary Sale" -  Hal Tulchin Studio
"Fortune Magazine"  -  United States Television
Chrysler "New Yorker" "Cordoba"  - EUE Screen Gems
Maternity Wearhouse  "Designer Jeans" - Corinthian Communications
Crazy Eddie "Paramus NJ Grand Opening" - C E Productions
Crazy Eddie  "Christmas Sale"  - C E Productions
Bran Tabs  - Flickers Inc
Mushrooms Shoes "Hanband Mushrooms" - JayRich Film & Television
"Crazy Eddie Shoot","Crazy Eddie"
"TWININGS TEA ABOARD THE QE2","Michael Bernhaut Productions"
EM KAHN - VSP Video Innovations
Mario Cuomo "Gov. political campaign"  - Harrison / Suggs Productions
Dow Jones "Software Infomercial" - Avion Communications
IBM  "Home Computer Yogi Berra"  - Barry Rebo Associates
Bertil Roos Racing School "Gift Certificate" - Chris Balton Prods.
Crazy Eddie "Lincoln/Washington Birthday Sale"  - C E Productions
I Love New York  "Broadway Cast" - Wells Rich Greene
Citibank "Blizzard ATM" - Wells Rich Greene
Shoetown  "Town Center store" Michael Robert Productions
Sam Ash Music Stores "Paramus NJ "Opening - Dubin Productions
Crazy Eddie  "TV Set chromakey" - Dubin Productions
Wild West City  "Western heritage theme park - Ad Marketing Arnie Socher
Crazy Eddie ""Disco Fever " - Dubin Productions
Crazy Eddie  "Memorial Day Sale" - Dubin Productions
Crazy Eddie "Record & Tape Asylum" - Dubin Productions
Crazy Eddie ""Christmas In August Sale" - C E Productions
Crazy Eddie "Video Projector Video Cassette" - C E Productions
Beatlemania "The Beacon Theater" - Jayrich Film & Television
General Electric   - The Best People
The Male Shop  - Video Innovations"
Crazy Eddie "East Brunswick Grand Opening"  - Dubin Productions
General Electric"Leodas Arbusto" - Unitel  Production Services
Berger Martin Law firm "Legal Steps"  - Dubin Productions
EJ Korvettes  - Close Productions
The Male Shop - Video Innovations
B&B Lorrys   - Video Innovations
Busy Busy Phone "Ch- Video Innovations
WNEW-FM radio  - Unitel  Production Services
The Protector  - Harrison/Suggs Productions
New York Newsday  "Home Delivery"  - Herb Strauss Productions
Walt Disney Mousercise "Record Offer"  - CCR Post
Kaufman Carpet  "New Years Half Price"  Tele-Venture Production Services
Kaufman Carpet  "Helicopter Inserts"  Tele-Venture Production Services
Citibank "ATM" - Video Innovations
Knickerbocker Toys  "Smothers Brothers" - Unitel  Production Services
WGBH  "Pledge Jane Curtin" - Unitel Production Services
Clairol  "Model Insert Shots" Unitel Production Services
Shoprite "Has the Answer" - Video Innovations
Candies Shoes "Pumps & Girls Flats" - Harrison Productions
Electrophonic "AM/FM 8 Track System"  - Lee Tanen Proiductions
ShopRite  "Anniversary Sale"  - Video Innovations
Fayva Shoes  - Video Innovations
Dress Barn  - Lee Tanen Productions
NBO National Brands Outlets" - Video Innovations
Lucky Drops "Christmas Candy"  - Cinema And Television
AT&T   - United States Television
BIC Pens "Quicksilver Bob & Ray"  - EUE Screen Gems
Bullworker "Full Range Fitness"  - United States Television
Northern Bathroom Tissue  - Harrison Productions
AT & T  - Finley Communications
Knockout  "with Danny Aiello"  - Steve Binder
A&P "Got The Feeling"  - United States Television
A&S Gold  "All that Glitters"   - AH Productions
Candies Shoes "Popular Stores Generic"  - Harrison Productions
Candies Shoes "For Juniors"  - Harrison Productions
"Goodyear Tire"  - Unitel Production Services
Bambergers  "Nanuet Mall NY"  - Unitel Production Services
ShopRite  "Does It Right"  - Video Innovations
A&P "New Yorks Number One Food Store"  - United States Television
Salon "Hair perm product" -  Harrison Productions
Volkswagon  "Golf GTI" - Herb Strauss Productions
North East Utilities  "P.S.A."  - Nat B. Eisenberg Television
Genovese  "Easter Specials"  - Harrison Productions
The Sunday Times "NY Times delivery"  - Robert L. Cohen Inc.
UniRoyal Tires "Tiger Paw" - National Video Industries
Minute Maid  "100% Orange Juice" - Bob Ahrens Productions
HIP-HIP Jeans  "Hip-huggers"  - Video Performance Studio
Pssmaster TireSavers "Snap Ring Demo"  - Herb Strauss Productions
ShopRite  "AT&T cordless phones"  - Gianettino & Meredith
Dodge  "Dodge Dealers 024" - Nat B. Eisenberg Television
MOBIL  "C P R" - Finley Communications
Chase Manhattan Bank - VSP Video Software and Production
Chock full o'Nuts  "Original Roast Ground Coffee"    - The Package Store
Goldiger Jeans "Runnin & Skatin'"  - Howard Goldstein Organization
Over Easy "Talk Show TV Promos" - Video Innovations
Eastside Clothing - "Countdown"    - Howard Goldstein Organization
Adolfo  "Takes Command"   - Howard Goldstein Organization
OTB - Off Track Betting "Saratoga Raceway" CCR Post
William Barry Clothing  "Distinctive Sale" - Winner Communications
Gem World "20 second glue"   - Winner Communications
Quote Me Fashions "You Can Quote Me"  - Howard Goldstein Organization
Gemstone  Diamonds "Precious Elegant"  - Bob Ahrens Productions
Roxanne Fashions "Let's Dance"  - Howard Goldstein Organization
Harper Fashion "Train Station"  - Howard Goldstein Organization
Time Magazine  "Wunderman, Ricotta & Kline"  United States Television
Time Life Video  "Great ProgramsVideo Library" - Wunderman, Ricotta & Kline
Abraham & Strauss  "Make a Wave"- AH Productions
Genovese Drug Stores  "Pharmacy Store & So Much More" - Unitel Production Services
MotherCare  "Habitat"  - United States Television
Holiday Inn "Growing Together with Holiday Inn"  - Mediawave
Fortunoff "Fine Jewelry"  - AH Productions Anita and Helen Hyatt
Fortunoff  "The Source" - AH Productions
Fortunoff's "Back Yard Sale"  - AH Productions
A&P "Farm Fresh Produce"  - United States Television John Fengler
Stove Top Stuffing  "Busy Moms"   - Harrison Productions
Abraham & Strauss  "Make a Wave"- AH Productions
ShopRite  "We've Got the Style"  - Video Innovations Ken Wise
Comtrex "Cold and Flu"  - Unitel Production Services Ilene Goldberg
Comtrex "Cold & Cough"  - Unitel Production Services
Bronx Borough President Stanley Simon "Campaign" - Video Performance Studio
Polaroid  "One Step SX70"   - Unitel Production Services
Tiparillo Cigars  "Tiparillo LP Long Player"  - United States Television
McGraw-Hill  "Encyclopedia of Science and Technology  - Bob Ahrens Productions
"LBT oil renewer" - Unitel Production Services
"Sachs "  - Unitel Production Services
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety "Lorne Greene" - Nat B. Eisenberg Television
SONY - My First Sony - It wont be your last - StudiOne

Plus about 50 or so experimental other products or services - that I signed a NDA to never mention ...
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