PROW MEDIA SCULPTURE — New York City at Columbus Circle.  AOL Time Warner Center.​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Designed by painter and sculptor Marc van den Broek. The kinetic fan sculpture consisted of five 25 foot motorized fan assemblies mounted in the 249 foot tall glass curtain-wall Prow above the New York Subway Station entrance, framing the AOL Time Warner Center.  When the fans deploy, they combine to make a continuous flowing shape in the space. The fan blades will be covered with lighting effects. People can view the sculpture from blocks away and as they walk under the atrium.  Each fan assembly has three degrees of freedom: the assembly can move vertically; it can move horizontally; and the fan blades can deploy or collapse. created 3D modeling, texture mapping, projection mapping, animation and final presentation rendering with Electric Image Animation System 
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