Chris Balton Communications 4K Drones provide a one-stop shop for expert aerial filming from a unique perspective and aerial data acquisition for our clients such as :
Real Estate
Commercial & Residential, Developers, Surveyors, Property Managers, Hotels, Construction, Farmers, Home Owners, Resorts.
Infrastructure Inspections
Building Facades and Roofs, Cell Towers, Wind Turbines, Bridges, Electric Power Lines.
Auto Dealers, Insurance, Golf Courses, Restaurants, Advertising Agencies, Architecture Firms, Manufacturing, Hospitals, hotels, Farming, Mining.
Cities & Schools
Cities, Towns, Universities, Colleges, Schools, Park Districts, Community Amenities, Fairs, and Events
Vacation Destinations, Resorts, Golf Courses, Amusement Parks, State Parks, Campgrounds, Wineries, Sports.
2024 drones achieve the highest visual quality for a fraction of the cost of rotorcrafts, with significantly less risk allowing for the lowest heights and closer proximity to the action,  products, cars, & buildings , impossible to capture with a $750.00 an hour Tyler mounted motion picture camera in a jet helicopter.
Aerial cinematographer Chris Balton filming from the 34th street Heliport in Manhattan from a Bell Jet Ranger II with a 35mm Arriflex film camera.
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